Weekly Indicators: Excruciatingly Slow Deterioration Continues

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I have a look at the excessive frequency weekly indicators as a result of whereas they are often very noisy, they supply a very good nowcast of the economic system, and can telegraph the upkeep or change within the economic system nicely earlier than month-to-month or

Lengthy Main Indicators Optimistic Impartial Adverse
Company bonds
10 yr Treasury
10 yr-2 yr Treasury
10 yr-3mo Treasury
Mortgage charges
Buy Mtg. Apps.
Refi Mtg Apps.
Actual Property Loans
Actual M1
Actual M2
Company Income
Adj. Fin. Situations Index
Leverage Index
Totals: 2 4 8

Quick Main Indicators Optimistic Impartial Adverse
Credit score Unfold
Miller Rating
St. L. Fin. Stress Index
US$ Broad X
US$ Main currencies
Whole commodities
Industrial commodities
Inventory costs
Regional Fed New Orders
Preliminary jobless claims
Momentary staffing
Gasoline costs
Oil costs
Gasoline Utilization X
Totals: 4 4 6

Coincident Indicators Optimistic Impartial Adverse
Weekly Econ. Index
Open Desk X
Rail X
Tax Withholding
Monetary Cond. Index
Totals: 4 3 4